Rules of Procedure

  • The occupancy of the apartment is not admitted for persons not reported at the time of booking. Visits are tolerated after the agreement of the establishment. Any commercial activity is prohibited. Failure to comply with this settlement point will result in the immediate termination of the lease without reimbursementIn addition, any prostitution activity will be systematically reported to the reservation sites and the legal authorities. We inform you that our neighbors have our telephone details and will not fail to warn us if abnormal movements were present in the residence by agreeing to take the apartment.
  • By agreeing to take the apartment, each client must respect the Provisions of the Rules of procedure and use the premises as a "family man" in this respect it is specified that the customer must respect the general prohibition of smoking in the apartment but also in the common places of the residence. A customer who contravenes this rule shall pay to the institution an indemnity of 100 euros corresponding to the costs of cleaning and smoke of the premises.
  • Thank you for respecting the sorting of the waste. You have a wooden locker for the glass bottles.

Rental Agreement

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